What we do

The Consortium’s workplan includes a focus on contributing to the availability of information to support carers of people with a life-limiting illness, including carers not currently involved with specialist palliative care services.

Links to various carer related resources and information can be found in our website Resources section for carers, families, friends and communities.

For further information about the Consortium’s work relating to carers and palliative care, contact Consortium Manager Louisa Di Censo on .

Clinical Advisory Committee

The Consortium supports the NW Metro regional Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC).

The CAC is a peer support network for clinicians in the region and provides:

The CAC meets bi-monthly, with various information exchange and other activities occurring between meetings. Membership of the CAC is drawn from the region’s specialist palliative care services and others with an interest in palliative care.

CAC members include:

    • Hilary Hodgson, Austin Health
    • Shaun O’Neill, Austin Health
    • Kylie Johnson, Banksia Palliative Care
    • John Doran, Melbourne City Mission
    • James Watt, Northern Health
    • Dr Barbara Hayes, Northern Health
    • Val Crane, Bolton Clarke (formerly RDNS)/Mercy Palliative Care
    • Rebecca Camilleri, Western Health
    • Anita Haines, Western Health
    • Amy Noble,Melbourne Health/Peter Mac/Parkville Integrated
    • Dr Sarah Charlton, RAPID/Melbourne Health
    • Ashley Nind, Western Health
    • Philippa Sambevski, Western Health
    • Julius Quiring, Northern Health
    • Carmel Brown, Mercy Palliative Care
    • Martin Kaltner, Northern Health
    • Tamra Hoare, NWMPHN

For more information about the CAC, contact Consortium Manager Louisa Di Censo on .

Services Quickguide

Services Quickguide

Other consortium activities

The Consortium’s 2017-18 workplan includes activities focused on:

  • Advance care planning
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities and palliative care
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and palliative care
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex (LGBTI) communities and palliative care
  • Community conversations about dying and death
  • GPs, medical specialists and specialist palliative care (part of the Partners in palliative care project)
  • Chronic disease support services and specialist palliative care (part of the Partners in palliative care project)
  • Acute health staff (non-specialist palliative care) and palliative care
  • Service delivery enhancement projects, e.g. After hours
  • Data review to assist with service planning, identifying regional priorities for future service development and assessing regional progress in achieving framework goals

For information about these areas of work and any other aspect of the Consortium’s work, contact Consortium Manager Louisa Di Censo on .