Clinical Advisory Committee

The Consortium supports the NW Metro regional Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC).

The CAC is a peer support network for clinicians in the region and provides:

The CAC meets bi-monthly, with various information exchange and other activities occurring between meetings. Membership of the CAC is drawn from the region’s specialist palliative care services and others with an interest in palliative care.

CAC members include:

  • Hilary Hodgson, Austin Health
  • Shaun O’Neill, Austin Health
  • Kylie Johnson, Banksia Palliative Care
  • Marita Rees, Melbourne Health/Parkville Integrated
  • Dr Alexandra (Alex) Clinch, Melbourne Health/Parkville Integrated
  • Christopher Kerley, Melbourne Health/Parkville Integrated (RAPID)
  • John Doran, Melbourne City Mission
  • Pamela Harris, Melbourne City Mission
  • Claire Kemp, Mercy Palliative Care
  • James Watt, Northern Health
  • Ward Rep, Northern Health
  • Dr Barbara Hayes, Northern Health
  • Leanne Davey, Bolton Clarke (formerly RDNS)
  • Val Crane, Bolton Clarke (formerly RDNS)/Mercy Palliative Care
  • Rebecca Camilleri, Western Health
  • Anita Haines, Western Health
  • Jane Newbound, Consortium Aged Care and Palliative Care Project
  • Rep, NWMPHN

For more information about the CAC, contact Consortium Manager Michael Gourlay on .