Communication skills training

Free training: Eliciting and responding to emotional cues

The Consortium offers free communication skills training for specialist palliative care staff based on the model established through the Victorian Cancer Clinicians Communication Program (VCCCP) of Cancer Council Victoria.

Accredited facilitators run the half-day foundation course on Eliciting and responding to emotional cues.

Sessions are free of charge and open to all staff involved in palliative care service provision, including community palliative care staff and hospital-based staff.

For further information and to check dates and availability for future sessions, contact the Consortium via .

Development of new ‘advanced’ communication courses in 2017-18

The Consortium’s 2017-18 workplan includes an exploration of options for making available a range of advanced level communication workshops to assist community palliative care staff in dealing with difficult situations in the home environment.

For further information about advanced communication courses, contact Consortium Manager Louisa Di Censo via .