Disability & palliative care project

The Consortium manages a disability and palliative care project on behalf of the region. Funded through ‘regional palliative care consultancy’ funding of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the NW Metro disability and palliative care project aims to:

  • Support disability accommodation service providers to improve palliative care outcomes for residents, including opportunities for residents to be cared for and die in their disability accommodation service ‘home’ if that is their preferred choice.

The project:

  • Provides information, education and other resources about palliative care to assist disability accommodation service providers;
  • Engages disability accommodation service providers and specialist palliative care services in a collaborative approach to identifying and implementing best practice approaches to care for people with a disability with a life-limiting illness.

Disability and palliative care information and resources

For information and resources on disability and palliative care, visit our Resources section on disability and palliative care.

Free palliative care education and training for disability workers

For further information, including the availability of free education and training sessions on disability and palliative care, contact Consortium Manager Michael Gourlay via .